What is the PhotoVoltaic Effect?

Solar panels on the flat roof.

What is the PhotoVoltaic Effect?

Solar energy uses the power of the sun to make electricity. It is a type of renewable energy. The process of converting sunlight into electricity is called the photovoltaic effect, and it is done through the use of solar panels installed over a flat surface, such as a roof. This article will talk about how … Read more

Large solar energy plant

The Problem With Solar Energy

Solar energy is cheap, abundant and environmentally friendly so why don’t we rely on it that much compared to other countries? The answer is simply that there are pros and cons with using this form of alternative energy! As a solar power expert, I have witnessed the evolution of solar energy technology and its implementation … Read more

Control on the light switch, electrical energy saving concept

The Importance of Conserving Solar Energy

As the world continues to advance and explore new sources of energy, it is crucial that we also think about preserving the resources that are available to us. Solar energy, being one of the most accessible sources of renewable energy, must be conserved to ensure that future generations can continue to benefit from its numerous … Read more

Engineer electric woman checking and maintenance of solar cells.

The Advancement of Solar Energy and its Effects on Society

The Negative Consequences of Technological Advancements Despite the many benefits that advancements in technology bring, there are also negative consequences that come with it. One of these is the neglect of the environment and the disregard for its proper care. People often prioritize their own interests over the preservation of the natural habitat and balance … Read more

Large solar energy plant

The Benefits of Harnessing Solar Energy

Solar energy has been a promising alternative energy source for many years now. With the increasing costs of non-renewable fossil fuels, the need for alternative energy sources has become more pressing. In this article, we will discuss the various arguments against solar energy and how they can be addressed. The High Costs of Solar Energy … Read more

The Sun

A Brief Introduction to Solar Energy

Solar energy is a source of renewable energy that has been harnessed by people to make their lives easier. The goal is to find alternative resources that can be used in everyday life while also benefiting the environment. The use of solar energy used to be limited to the wealthy, but over time it has … Read more

Solar Power! Solar Panels! In the Desert!

Understanding Net Metering in Solar Energy

As a solar power expert, I have seen the benefits of net metering firsthand and the positive impact it can have on reducing energy costs and decreasing carbon emissions. In this article, I will explain what net metering is, how it works, and the benefits of this billing agreement between you and your electric service … Read more

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