The next step to making hydrogen-powered shipping a reality

How to find work in the renewable energy industry

Opportunities There are numerous opportunities in the renewable energy business, ranging from apprenticeships to senior positions. Initially led by specialised engineers and scientists, the sector has evolved to require a diverse mix of talents and expertise in a variety of professions.   Specialist roles There are various areas of specialisation within renewable energy, including solar … Read more

The Importance of Servicing Your AC Units

In places where winters and summers are extreme in nature, heating and air conditioning systems need to be of very good quality and must be maintained carefully. Ignoring the maintenance part will only lead to decreased efficiency of the aircon and the heating unit. To make lives comfortable in chilling days of winters and warm … Read more

The Case For Renewables

Over the past several years we have all become painfully aware that CO2 emissions from fossil fuels likely play a significant role in worldwide climate change. Our insatiable demand for energy is driving prices up and generating more CO2 than ever. How Much We Use Today, the world uses about 12 Terawatts per year for … Read more

Senior couple with house models and toy wind turbine at home

Simple Green Energy Solutions for your Home

It can be hard to believe how much it costs to heat and light your home until you really start paying attention to how much your energy costs run to. If you count everything from keeping your house at a comfortable temperature to keeping your car fueled up, you can quickly come to the conclusion that your … Read more

Renewable energy generation

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable power sources contribute roughly about 29% of energy used worldwide. Using sustainable resources for mass production of electricity is now more commonplace, due to the environmental consequences usage of fossil fuel derivate energy brings. To expand usage of clean energy technologies, it is promoted by countries and organizations worldwide through tax incentives and subsidies. … Read more

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