How to find work in the renewable energy industry


There are numerous opportunities in the renewable energy business, ranging from apprenticeships to senior positions. Initially led by specialised engineers and scientists, the sector has evolved to require a diverse mix of talents and expertise in a variety of professions.


Specialist roles

There are various areas of specialisation within renewable energy, including solar power, offshore, wind, hydropower, trash and recycling, biomass, pipes, and more — there’s something for everyone!


Nuclear energy, while not considered a renewable energy source, is a growing industry that offers engineering jobs and other business-related positions.


Engineers, scientists, project managers, business developers, and consultants are just a few of the positions available, all of which pay well. Salary ranges from £18,000 to £60,000 for renewable energy jobs, based on experience, seniority, and technical expertise.


Consultants and senior level roles accrue the highest pay, reflecting their length of experience in the sector, however, there are many opportunities for career advancement in the renewable energy sector, particularly in the areas of business development and project management.


Job Skills in Renewable Energy

The skills required for work in renewable energy vary, as do the professions themselves. However, being hands-on, paying attention to detail, working well under pressure and with others are all essential talents for any engineering or manufacturing career.


The exact skills necessary for individual work responsibilities are clearly specified in job role descriptions. A wind turbine service engineer, for example, would need to be equipped and trained to operate at heights, as well as have first aid and fire awareness training and other job-specific needs.

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Work Experience in Renewable Energy

The more renewable energy experience you have, whether via education, training, or past work, the more employable you will be. Because renewable energy is a scientific subject, employers search for science, manufacturing, factory, military, and related talents rather than domestic or commercial experience.


Years of expertise in the field are required for roles such as consultant or project manager. Roles that are technically complex or academically advanced, such as engineering or science, may necessitate specific degrees or certifications.


Although there are university degrees specialised to renewable energy, master’s degrees, apprenticeships, and other credentials are sufficient.


Consult an expert recruiter

For mor advice about which area of the renewable sector will best suit your skills, and how to go about applying for these roles, you should consider consulting with one or more energy recruitment agencies, that can support you in your search.

Often companies will outsource their hiring to recruitment agencies that specialise in their field so it cant hurt to be on their radar, and they will be able to give you advice and information about the transferrable skills and experience that renewable companies look for in applicants.

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