10 Best Zero Waste Deodorants: Sustainable and Effective Choices for 2023

Did you know that the average person will use over 200 plastic deodorant containers in their lifetime? That's a staggering amount of waste, not to mention the harmful chemicals that many conventional deodorants contain.

We're here to make a change and we believe you are too. As we move into 2023, it's time we prioritize not only our personal hygiene but also the health of our planet.

We've researched and compiled a list of the 10 best zero waste deodorants that are not only sustainable, but also highly effective. These products are game-changers, offering eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on quality.

Stick around to find out how these deodorants can revolutionize the way you approach personal care.

B.O.B BARS OVER BOTTLES Natural Solid Deodorant (Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, Vegan)

natural aluminum free paraben free vegan deodorant

If you're someone looking for an eco-friendly personal care option, the B.O.B BARS OVER BOTTLES Natural Solid Deodorant stands out as an excellent choice with its zero waste, waterless, and plastic-free features. This Brazil-based company is making a significant environmental impact by eliminating over 100,000 plastic bottles every month with their sustainable practices.

Tailored for different skin types, this deodorant is crafted with natural ingredients, ensuring it's aluminum, paraben, and baking soda free. It's not just kind to the Earth, but to your skin as well, as it won't cause breakouts. The packaging, made of cardboard, further reduces plastic waste.

While there's a learning curve in its application, its effectiveness in odor control and absorption of excessive oils makes it worth trying.

With B.O.B BARS OVER BOTTLES, you're not just choosing a product, you're choosing a lifestyle.

Best For: Individuals seeking an eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and effective personal care option that supports a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Eco-friendly and promotes sustainability by eliminating over 100,000 plastic bottles every month
  • Made with natural ingredients, ensuring it's aluminum, paraben, and baking soda free
  • Tailored for different skin types, and doesn't cause skin breakouts


  • Customers have reported difficulty in application process

PAPR All Natural Vegan Deodorant in Zero Waste Packaging (Herbal Musk)

zero waste vegan deodorant

For the eco-conscious consumers seeking a cruelty-free and effective solution, PAPR's All Natural Vegan Deodorant in Zero Waste Packaging (Herbal Musk) stands out as an exceptional choice, offering not only top-notch odor protection but also an impressive commitment to sustainability. This deodorant is handcrafted in the USA using solar power, boasting a climate neutral certification.

The packaging is FSC certified paper, easy to recycle with a minimal environmental footprint. PAPR goes beyond, planting a tree for every new subscription. You'll love the smooth application and fresh feel, thanks to natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and a blend of essential oils. While some users note issues like short efficacy and scent preference, overall, PAPR's deodorant has gained positive feedback for its eco-friendly approach and vegan formula. Make a difference with your daily routine by choosing PAPR.

Best For: Eco-conscious individuals seeking an effective, all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan deodorant, which also contributes to environmental sustainability.


  • Handcrafted in the USA using solar power, with a climate neutral certification
  • Made from all-natural ingredients, providing a fresh feel and smooth application
  • Comes in zero waste, easy-to-recycle FSC certified paper packaging, and a tree is planted for every new subscription


  • Some users reported a short efficacy window, requiring more frequent application

All Natural Coconut and Vanilla Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick for Women

coconut vanilla aluminum free deodorant

Eco-conscious women seeking a natural, aluminum-free deodorant will find the All Natural Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant Stick a refreshing choice, with its delightful scent, plastic-free packaging, and commitment to supporting environmental causes. This deodorant is lovingly crafted from organic coconut oil, shea butter, sage essence, and vanilla bean extract, providing you with an all-day freshness that combats body odor. It's gentle on sensitive skin, allowing your body to sweat naturally while managing odor.

You'll also love the plastic-free, biodegradable packaging, which makes this small, travel-friendly deodorant a zero waste champion. Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Save the Sea Turtle Foundation, so you're doing good while smelling great. Yes, you might need to push from the bottom to apply it, but the benefits far outweigh this minor inconvenience. Choose this deodorant and make a powerful, sustainable difference today.

Best For: Eco-conscious women seeking a natural, aluminum-free deodorant with a delightful scent and a commitment to environmental causes.


  • Formulated with organic coconut oil, shea butter, sage essence, and vanilla bean extract for all-day freshness
  • Plastic-free, biodegradable, and travel-friendly packaging with a portion of proceeds supporting the Save the Sea Turtle Foundation
  • Gentle on sensitive skin, allowing the body to sweat naturally while managing odor


  • Requires pushing from the bottom for application, which some users may find inconvenient

BioRock Crystal Natural Deodorant Stone (Unscented, Plastic and Aluminum Free)

natural unscented plastic free deodorant

Looking for a natural, unscented deodorant that's kind to both your skin and the environment? You'll love the BioRock Crystal Natural Deodorant Stone, a zero waste champ that doesn't compromise on effectiveness.

How Is The Concept Of Zero Waste Different From Just 100% Recycling?

This stone is plastic and aluminum-free, providing up to 24 hours of mineral odor protection. It's made from Potassium Alum rock crystals sourced from ancient mines and doesn't contain any harmful substances such as parabens, silicones, or synthetic preservatives.

Not only does it leave no stains on your clothes or skin, but it also lasts longer than typical deodorants. A single crystal can serve you for more than a year!

With its sustainable and refillable cork holder, you're making a difference by reducing waste. Give BioRock a try and feel the difference it makes for your body and our Earth.

Best For: Individuals seeking a long-lasting, unscented, and environmentally-friendly deodorant that offers effective odor protection without leaving stains or residue.


  • Provides up to 24 hours of odor protection using natural mineral salts.
  • Sustainable and plastic-free, with a refillable cork holder.
  • Long-lasting, with a single crystal providing more than a year of daily use.


  • A higher price point compared to other crystal deodorants on the market.

ZERO Waste Dual-Strength Natural Deodorant in Biodegradable Tube

eco friendly dual action deodorant

If you're a nature lover who values sustainable products, the ZERO Waste Dual-Strength Natural Deodorant in a Biodegradable Tube could be your perfect match. This deodorant isn't just earth-friendly; it's 100% biodegradable and comes in a compost-friendly cardboard tube, eliminating plastic waste completely.

Imagine a deodorant that doesn't just mask underarm odor, but eliminates it, all while leaving a fresh, non-overpowering scent. It doesn't leave stains on your clothes and even helps with wetness absorption. While it's not an antiperspirant, it's ideal for hikers and campers who don't have access to frequent showers.

Although there have been some issues with the packaging and texture, most users find it highly effective and support this small company's zero waste mission. So why not make the switch and reduce your carbon footprint today?

Best For: Nature enthusiasts and people looking for a sustainable, 100% biodegradable deodorant that effectively eliminates underarm odor and helps with wetness absorption.


  • 100% biodegradable and comes in a compost-friendly, plastic-free cardboard tube.
  • Effectively eliminates underarm odor and leaves a fresh, non-overpowering scent.
  • Doesn't leave stains on clothes and helps with wetness absorption.


  • Some users have reported difficulty in pushing up the deodorant from the tube.

Biork Ecological Zero Waste Deodorant

eco friendly deodorant with zero waste

For those with sensitive skin who value sustainability, the Biork Ecological Zero Waste Deodorant is a game-changer. It boasts a fragrance-neutral formula made from natural potassium crystal and is encased in a renewable cork holder. This Swiss, premium quality deodorant is not only effective in inhibiting bacteria and preventing sweat smell but also ensures no stains on your clothes or traces on your skin.

The cork holder, which binds eight grams of CO2, contributes to Portugal's biotopes conservation, adding another layer to its eco-friendly credentials. Customers rave about its effectiveness and longevity, and those who've reacted to bicarb-based deodorants find Biork a suitable alternative.

So, make the switch to Biork today. It's a choice that your skin, and our planet, will thank you for.

Best For: Individuals with sensitive skin who are seeking a sustainable and effective deodorant solution.


  • Made of natural potassium crystal and encased in an eco-friendly cork holder
  • Fragrance-neutral, hypoallergenic, and suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
  • Highly effective and long-lasting, preventing sweat smell and leaving no stains or traces on skin or clothing


  • Lack of fragrance mightn't appeal to those who prefer scented deodorants

BeNat All Natural Deodorant for Women & Men (Lemon & Tea Tree, 3 oz.)

all natural lemon tea deodorant

Eco-warriors and natural product enthusiasts, you'll appreciate the BeNat All Natural Deodorant for Women & Men, a standout in the line-up of zero waste deodorants for 2023. It boasts a potent Lemon & Tea Tree formula and a plastic-free, biodegradable design.

This stellar deodorant isn't only free from harmful synthetics and aluminum, it's also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and BPA-free. It gives you the peace of mind that what you put on your skin is pure and natural.

The BeNat deodorant isn't just good for the environment, it's also effective. It provides 24-hour odor protection without clogging pores or leaving a white film. Plus, it has a fresh, faint scent that won't overwhelm your senses. So if you're looking for a sustainable, skin-friendly deodorant that doesn't skimp on performance, BeNat is a top choice.

Best For:

Individuals seeking a natural, eco-friendly, and effective deodorant that offers 24-hour odor protection, suitable for both men and women.


  • 24-hour long-lasting odor protection with a fresh, faint scent
  • Environmentally-friendly with a plastic-free, biodegradable design
  • Clinically proven to be skin-friendly, causing no clogs or white film


  • Some users find the texture and consistency of the deodorant to be heavy and crumbly

Cleo+Coco Zero Waste Natural Deodorant Bar for Women, Lavender Vanilla

zero waste deodorant bar

Ladies seeking a natural, mess-free, and effective solution to body odor, look no further than Cleo+Coco Zero Waste Natural Deodorant Bar in the soothing Lavender Vanilla scent. This aluminum-free, organic deodorant isn't only kind to your skin but also to the environment.

What Is Another Word For Zero Waste?

The bar, encased in biodegradable wax, provides a clean, non-toxic application. Its magnesium-rich bentonite clay formula doesn't just mask odor, it eliminates it while detoxifying your body. The relaxing aroma of lavender and vanilla, derived from therapeutic essential oils, offers stress relief, making your daily routine a tad more pleasant.

Arriving in zero-waste packaging, with a paper telescope tube and organic cotton bag, it's a guilt-free choice. And, if any doubts linger, consider this: thousands of positive customer reviews vouch for its effectiveness. Go on, give Cleo+Coco a try.

Best For: Women seeking a natural, eco-friendly, and effective deodorant solution with a soothing aroma.


  • Organic, aluminum-free, and non-toxic, making it safe for the skin and the environment.
  • Magnesium-rich bentonite clay formula that eliminates odor and detoxifies the body.
  • Zero waste packaging and a relaxing aroma derived from therapeutic essential oils.


  • The wax coating is reported to melt and crumble, making the application process messy.

Coconut Matter All Natural Vegan Deodorant (SPRING)

natural vegan deodorant for spring

If you're after a deodorant that's kind to both you and the planet, the zero waste Coconut Matter All Natural Vegan Deodorant (SPRING) could be your perfect match, boasting a unique blend of 19 plant and mineral ingredients. This handmade, cruelty-free formula contains coconut oil, geranium, lavender, and lime essential oils, offering long-lasting protection without leaving any residue, stickiness, or stains.

What makes it stand out is its zero waste ethos, with plastic-free packaging that reduces your carbon footprint. It's free from aluminum, baking soda, parabens, silicone, phthalates, toxins, fragrance, or alcohol, making it kinder to your skin and the environment. Users rave about its effectiveness, even after workouts or exposure to heat. While some find the packaging not ideal and the price a bit steep, the peace of mind knowing you're making a greener choice might just make it worth it.

Best For: Health-conscious individuals and eco-enthusiasts looking for a long-lasting, all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free deodorant that leaves zero residue and comes in plastic-free packaging.


  • Made from 19 plant and mineral ingredients, including coconut oil, geranium, lavender, and lime essential oils, providing natural and long-lasting protection.
  • Zero waste ethos with plastic-free packaging, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • Free from harmful substances like aluminum, baking soda, parabens, silicone, phthalates, toxins, fragrance, or alcohol, ensuring it's kind to your skin.


  • Some users have expressed concerns about the small size of the deodorant stick and the high price point for the quantity provided.

Lamazuna Zero Waste, Vegan, Organic Deodorant (Made in France)

eco friendly french deodorant brand

Looking for a top-selling, eco-friendly deodorant that delivers long-lasting freshness? Lamazuna Zero Waste, Vegan, Organic Deodorant, handmade in France, is your go-to option. This aluminum-free deodorant is crafted with organic baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It's a champion in longevity, outlasting two traditional deodorant sticks and providing reliable odor protection.

Lamazuna doesn't just care about you, but the environment too. With zero plastic packaging, it's a truly zero waste solution. Application might take a bit getting used to, requiring water and leaving white flakes, but worry not, it won't stain your clothes or irritate your skin. Users rave about its effectiveness and delightful scent. So, make a sustainable choice for 2023 and switch to Lamazuna Zero Waste Deodorant. It's all about freshness that lasts and conscious living.

Best For: Environmentally conscious individuals looking for a long-lasting, effective, and eco-friendly deodorant solution.


  • Provides long-lasting odor protection.
  • Handmade with organic ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Zero waste and zero plastic packaging, contributing to environmental protection.


  • Application can be messy and inconvenient.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Zero Waste Deodorant

choosing zero waste deodorant

When picking out a zero waste deodorant, we need to consider a few critical factors.

We should look at ingredient safety, skin type suitability, the effectiveness of the deodorant, and the application process.

Equally important is the packaging, ensuring it aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Ingredient Safety

In choosing a zero waste deodorant, it's crucial we first inspect the safety of its ingredients, focusing on natural components while steering clear of potentially harmful chemicals like aluminum, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Prioritizing skin-friendly formulations is also important, as some ingredients like baking soda can cause skin reactions.

Additionally, we must consider the long-term health impact of the ingredients on our bodies and the environment. It's not just about smelling good; we want to ensure our choices reflect our commitment to personal health and sustainability.

Reading user reviews can also provide insights into a product's effectiveness and longevity. And let's not forget about the packaging – it should be plastic-free and compostable for a truly zero waste option.

Skin Type Suitability

To keep our skin happy and our conscience clear, we've got to dig deeper and consider the suitability of zero waste deodorants for our specific skin types.

How Do You Live A Zero Waste Life?

Be it balanced to oily skin or sensitive skin, we must choose deodorants tailored to our individual needs. The effectiveness and longevity of a deodorant are key, especially for those with specific odor control needs or preferences for long-lasting protection.

We should be mindful of potential allergic reactions or irritations and opt for hypoallergenic options if we've sensitive skin. It's also wise to heed user reviews and feedback regarding skin suitability and any reported reactions.

Zero waste doesn't have to mean compromise, let's make sustainable and skin-friendly choices!

Deodorant Effectiveness

Choosing a zero waste deodorant isn't just about saving the planet, it's also about finding a product that works effectively for you, considering factors such as individual body chemistry, skin type, and personal preferences.

Natural deodorants, for instance, can provide potent odor control, but their effectiveness may be influenced by their application, texture, and longevity. User experiences also vary widely, with some lauding the lasting freshness and others reporting issues like skin irritation or displeasing scents.

Ingredients, formulation, and packaging can all play significant roles in a deodorant's overall effectiveness. Therefore, we mustn't overlook these aspects while also prioritizing environmental considerations such as zero waste packaging and sustainability when choosing our deodorant.

Application Process

When deciding on a zero waste deodorant, we can't ignore the importance of the application process – it's about more than just swiping it on and hoping for the best. We need to consider the ease of application. Some products may require adjustments in our usage habits.

It's also important to check user feedback on texture and consistency. Issues like hardness or stickiness can affect our daily routine.

We should also pay attention to the packaging details. How eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable is it?

Lastly, consider user experiences regarding scent, longevity, and effectiveness post-application. By taking these factors into account, we're not only choosing a product that's better for us, but also for our planet.

Packaging and Sustainability

A significant portion of our journey towards zero waste living hinges on the type of packaging our products come in, especially when it comes to deodorants. We should prioritize brands using cardboard, cork, paper, or PLA membrane, as these materials reduce plastic waste and are often compost-friendly.

Biodegradable packaging is another compelling option, as it breaks down naturally over time, causing less harm to our precious Earth. We can't overlook refillable and reusable packaging either, which drastically minimizes environmental impact.

So, when we're choosing our next deodorant, let's consider the packaging and its sustainability. By making conscious choices, we're not just buying a product; we're investing in a healthier planet.

Let's make zero waste, plastic-free, and sustainable packaging the new norm, not the exception.

Scent Options

Beyond the eco-friendly packaging, we must also consider the variety of scents available when we're on the hunt for a zero waste deodorant.

A whiff of fresh citrus or a calming lavender whiff could be your ticket to feeling confident and fresh all day.

And let's not forget about those who prefer unscented options – they exist too!

Price and Value

Shifting our focus to the financial side, we mustn't overlook the importance of assessing the price and value of a zero waste deodorant before making a purchase.

We need to consider the cost relative to its quantity and longevity. It's also crucial to compare these prices with similar products, ensuring we're getting a competitive deal.

But price isn't everything; we should also value the sustainability of the packaging and production processes. Additional benefits, like refillable options or charitable contributions, boost the overall value.

Plus, let's not forget the long-term savings and environmental advantages of using a zero waste deodorant compared to traditional ones.

In essence, we're not just purchasing a product, we're investing in a healthier planet.

Brand Ethics

In our quest for zero waste deodorants, it's crucial we dig deeper into the ethics of the brands we're considering, evaluating their real commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

We need to examine their use of renewable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. It's important to scrutinize the sourcing of ingredients, making sure they're cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

We should also demand transparency about their environmental impact, like efforts to reduce carbon footprint and minimize waste.

Let's value brands that engage with the community, supporting environmental causes and advocating for eco-conscious living.

It's more than just a product—it's supporting a brand that aligns with our values, promoting wellness and contributing to positive environmental change.


Choosing the right zero waste deodorant is a powerful step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. From B.O.B BARS OVER BOTTLES to Lamazuna's Organic Deodorant, these options aren't only eco-friendly, but highly effective too.

Each one is free from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, and comes in zero waste packaging.

So, let's make a conscious choice and switch to zero waste deodorants. Because even small changes can make a big difference in preserving our planet.

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