A Reminder That We Are Far From Out of the Woods

Green living

Simple Ways to Help The Environment

People are always seeking new and simpler methods to do their part for the environment. We care about the earth and want to do our part to protect it, but it’s easy to get disheartened when faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of saving it. Well, never fear because in this post I have brought … Read more

How Wind Power Has Developed Through the Years

In recent years the business place has changed almost beyond recognition. Many economic changes have taken place but, retrofitting business solutions to the problems created by fast -moving technology is not always simple and, quite often, sound planning isn’t possible due to the current speed of technological advances. Even relatively simple businesses such as plumbers, … Read more

How SAB is holding back Solar Energy Dissipation

-What other technical reason besides money making exist for the SABS praxis to only test “Systems” and not components? It is not international praxis. It gives not the Efficiency and heat loss of the collector for international comparing. The Q- factor only shows the performance under certain circumstances but gives no possibility to valued a … Read more

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