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With rising energy costs and growing concerns about climate change there are very few homeowners who are willing to ignore cost-effective ways of saving money on their household bills. Building energy efficient homes and improving energy efficiency in our homes can increase their value. Even smallest changes can yield the biggest results.

A surprising number of homeowners have started educating themselves on how to make their home more and more energy efficient.Every conscious undertaking is, after all,  a step towards increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

The first step in making your home energy efficient is made by conducting energy efficiency audit. Home energy audits are easy to carry out and useful in identify areas for home improvement. It focuses on the areas of lowest energy efficiency, such as un-insulated lofts, single glazed windows, open fireplaces and energy ‘eating’ appliances as well as improving your home’s air tightness.

A home energy audit from a certified energy advisor such as Booth Electrical is necessary to ensure that the most cost-effective improvements are undertaken. Basic areas which energy auditor from MES will test in your home are:

  • Blower-Door testing.
  • Weatherization Programs.
  • Thermal Imaging Video of you Home.
  • Duct-Blasting Test.
  • Furnace Flute Testing.
  • Moisture Reading.

After completion of audit, their energy auditor will provide you with a full written report of the findings and solutions to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Each energy audit has its own benefits and some of the most prominent of them being:

  • Make your home more comfortable and at the same time using less energy.
  • Prevent wear and tear on your heating and A/C equipment.
  • Lowering your energy bill.
  • Reducing airborne contaminants.
  • Immense help in saving energy.
A Discussion about Green Energy Alternatives for the House

All Western people are increasingly looking at ways to improve the energy-efficiency of their homes as making substantial improvements in energy efficiency. This will save house owners money in the long run.

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