Simple Green Energy Solutions for your Home

It can be hard to believe how much it costs to heat and light your home until you really start paying attention to how much your energy costs run to. If you count everything from keeping your house at a comfortable temperature to keeping your car fueled up, you can quickly come to the conclusion that your energy costs basically eat up most of your paycheck. However, there are all kinds of ways you can make a dent in that bill though and, best of all,  they’re not really difficult to implement. If you were to pick up a common list of ways to save on household energy consumption and actually do those things, you could probably come out a few thousand richer the end of the year without really giving up much. But, what are your options if you’re after more significant savings? Well, these ideas for green energy solutions, supplied by MES FM ( should help.

For instance, what do you think about installing a wind generator on your roof or elsewhere on your property? Bring this up with anyone and right away they balk at the idea of a huge unsightly three bladed monster whirring up a storm up there. While these are great at producing lots of power, you haven’t really seen anything until you’ve seen the little green energy solutions they’ve come up with – they look like large portable fans and you can stick them on your roof just like that. They look pretty high-tech too. The small ones take care of about 10% of your energy costs.

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There was once an article in the LA Times about how all these big movie people make a point to go get a hybrid car. When the salesperson asks them about their interest in being green, he usually learns that they all live in huge mansions that are air-conditioned and heated every minute of every day whether there’s anyone at home or not. Basically, when it comes to green energy solutions, waste not-want not should be the rule you live by.

In that spirit, here’s a simple way to go – make sure that the energy you use isn’t wasted. More to the point, make sure that your house is completely well-insulated. Really, it’s difficult to understand how much energy is wasted when you don’t pay much attention to it. There’s been an experimental kind of home construction project done in Germany where they have been able to pull off a way to completely maintain comfortable temperatures indoors with no artificial heating at all. They just insulate the house extremely well, and make sure that not even the ventilator throws out air that has any heat left in it. And you can go through the deepest winter without artificial heating this way. If the design of the house is so good that your body heat is never wasted, that’s all you need. These are green energy solutions should come stateside soon enough.

What you can do right now is to install double-glazed windows and take the leap and invest the $5000 or so that it takes to insulate your house all around.

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