What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable power sources contribute roughly about 29% of energy used worldwide. Using sustainable resources for mass production of electricity is now more commonplace, due to the environmental consequences usage of fossil fuel derivate energy brings. To expand usage of clean energy technologies, it is promoted by countries and organizations worldwide through tax incentives and subsidies.

Our most powerful energy resource is the sun. Most forms of sustainable energy is in some way produced by the sun, e.g. its heat contributes to the growth of plants and trees that are used in production of biomass energy and it also plays an important role in producing wind which we can utilize with help of wind power technology. By using solar power technology to capture radiation with photovoltaic panels, we can create electricity; sunlight is also a large contributor in making hydropower possible.

Another great energy resource is geothermal energy that is acquired by using heat from inside the earth itself. This energy derives from the radioactive decay in the core of earth, which heats the earth from inside out.

Ocean Power

The ocean supplies us with several sustainable energy resources, and each one is driven by different forces. Not comparatively cost-effective at the present but as ocean power technology evolves the ocean could become a big player in the energy game by bringing us electricity from the waves, tides and the heat stored in sea water which can also be converted to electricity. This makes the ocean an important potential energy source for the future.

All About Solar Water Heaters

Ocean power is often divided into two classes, wave power that uses floats to extract mechanical energy from the motion of the waves and tidal power that uses dams to draw energy from the changes in water height due to the tides.


This source has an enormous potential, both as a fuel and energy resource. Hydrogen power is not ready for full commercialization as the technology to bring to fruition the extraordinary potential is still in its early stages. Hydrogen is the most common element on earth, e.g. water consists of two-thirds hydrogen. The process of separating it out is very complex.

Largest Green Association

A wide variety of different renewable energy associations exist throughout the world. The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) is the biggest renewable power association in the world; they claim their wind energy installations to be the most successful of all the renewals. Argument instead of polemic convincing through facts, this is the credo of the BWE.


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